Interview questions created by LGBTQ+ youth, for LGBTQ+ adults.

Troy Coalman

Troy Coalman(He/Him)

Troy Coalman(He/Him) is Director of Donor Impact, Wellspring Family Services in Seattle, Washington, a position that encompasses his personal and professional passion. His current role encompasses strategic vision for individual fundraising efforts, oversight of Wellspring’s grant program and data administration. He is also a member of the organization’s Operations Team and executive sponsor of the… Continue reading Troy Coalman(He/Him)

A picture of Alyssa
Alyssa Linares

Alyssa Linares(She/Her)

Alyssa Linares (she/her/hers) is a mixed race Chicana queer fat femme and Bridge 13 LGBTQ+ Community Educator with the Sexual and Gender Minority Youth Resource Center (SMYRC) in Portland, OR (occupied Chinook land). Through the Bridge 13 Community Education program, Alyssa facilitates LGBTQIA2S+ equity trainings for many different communities, and primarily school based communities. She… Continue reading Alyssa Linares(She/Her)

Edite Forman

Edite Forman(Any Pronouns)

Edite Forman(Any Pronouns), is a volunteer at Lambert House. When volunteering, they hang out at the front desk, walk around the house to chat with youth, or participate in Wednesday art night. They are also part of the Outdoor Recreation group, where they organize and lead seasonal outdoor activities, like hiking, sledding, or paddle boarding.… Continue reading Edite Forman(Any Pronouns)

Aleksa Manila

Aleksa Manila(S/he/Siya)

Aleksa Manila (S/he/Siya pronouns) is Seattle’s sweetheart of social activism. From Miss Gay Filipino to Miss Gay Seattle and beyond, Mx. Manila has used the magic of drag to educate and entertain hundreds and thousands of folx about the power of diversity, equity and inclusion. She’s a favorite speaker, emcee and performance artist from lip… Continue reading Aleksa Manila(S/he/Siya)

Taylor Briggs by Natasha Komoda

Taylor Briggs(He/Him)

Taylor Briggs (he/him) received his undergraduate degree in Multicultural and Gender Studies from California State University, Chico. After earning his BA, Taylor went on to earn an M.Ed. in Student Development Administration at Seattle University. Now, Taylor serves as the Scholarship Program Manager for the GSBA Scholarship and Education Fund which supports LGBTQ+ students pursuing… Continue reading Taylor Briggs(He/Him)

Luis Viquez

Luis Viquez(He/Him)

Luis Viquez(He/Him) has been an outreach member and counselor at Gay City since 2002. When you came out the first time, what made you feel to do so? Very important question. Coming out for me is a long never ending fluid constant path or journey. I can not recall a specific event, set of events… Continue reading Luis Viquez(He/Him)

Ashley Vaughn

Ashley Vaughn(He/Him)

Ashley Vaughn(He/Him) is a volunteer for Lambert House. When you came out the first time, what made you feel safe to do so?I don’t think I actually felt safe at the time. I was just so tired of not being my true self and I felt I had to do something to try and improve… Continue reading Ashley Vaughn(He/Him)

Stephanie Forner

Stephanie Forner(She/Her)

Stephanie Forner(She/Her) is a volunteer for Lambert House. When you came out the first time, what made you feel safe to do so?  I came out a number of times, I’m not sure I ever truly equated coming out with safety. The first time I really came out to someone other than myself was to… Continue reading Stephanie Forner(She/Her)

Casey Bent-Callaghan

Casey Bent-Callaghan(He/Him)

Casey Bent-Callahan(He/Him/His) is one of the teacher advisors of Shorewood High School’s Black Student Union, as well as the school’s math instructional coach. When you came out the first time, what made you feel safe to do so?  I came out in the spring, of 1981. It was a very different time then, and it… Continue reading Casey Bent-Callaghan(He/Him)

Chelsey Wright

Chelsey Wright(They/Them)

Chelsey Wright uses any pronouns, but would say most folks use they/them pronouns since they with being non-binary. The currently work for the Alliance for Gun Responsibility in WA state as their Office & Administrative Specialist. It’s a fancy title that really means is that they manage all the day-to-day operations for the organization. Alliance… Continue reading Chelsey Wright(They/Them)


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